What if your Point Of View creates your reality instead of the other way around?

What if being the energy of Just An Interesting Point of View would allow you to be free of the auto-pilot feature that we operate from....whether it is from buying someone else's IPOV or our own?

We started this journey back in January of 2017 and OH! my goodness - what fun!  Its been interesting as we've played with becoming aware of and clearing our Interesting Points of View, so that you can truly begin living in the space of choice and creation.

  IMAGINE WHAT COULD CHANGE FOR YOU IN THE REMAINING MONTHS OF 2017?  Are you willing to choose to be free from your own Points of View, or those of other people?  Would you like to dip your toe in the water and see what it is like?  To see what opens up for you?

We'll look at different areas of your life each month, including:  Money, Business, Relationships, Body, and lots more.

Is Now The Time to Choose Freedom by Being Interesting Point of View?
Membership includes:

Monthly telecall
Private Facebook group
Weekly Clearings and Homeplay Questions (Audio Loops, PDF)​

Options To Choose!

Please select from the following payment options:

  • September through December $97
  • Monthly subscription $27 
  • ​Single month $32

How does it get any better than that?® 

A full year of calls, clearings and camaraderie! What else is possible for your life?

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