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What if we could create an energy pull that is specifically for what's up in your world?  For what you are desiring to create and have as you life & living?

We'll book a half hour and have a session where we will tap into what you'd like  to change and/or create...we'll clear energies that keep you stuck... and we will create and record an energy pull that you can use as much or as often as you like!  And it will be created in a way that it can expand with you as you step into your future creations.

Topics could include:






Whatever you'd like to create!

What if you could tap into the universal energies available and have your

life and choices become easier than you ever imagined possible?

Options To Choose!

These sessions are normally $97, and are being offered on this Summer Special for only $50 (USD). 

Some are #havingit! and asking for multiple sessions,

so I'm also making available a package of 3 (purchased in advance -  can be used anytime within 90 days) for $150. 

Imagine what your life might be like in the fall after three months of using EPIC!

Please select from the following  options:​​

    What Else is CRAZY possible?  Is NOW the time?

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