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Becky Herdt

Becky Herdt is a Baby Whisperer,  Business and Success Coach, Creator Of 2017 - The Year of Justan IPOV,  Motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Best-Selling Author and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Right Relationship For You facilitator who excels at working with people and organizations to discover what unique talents and capacities they already have!  What do you know that no one else knows that you could bring into the world and change everything?  Are you ready for a breakthrough?  What change with your business or life that will free you from who you've been until now and allow you to choose what's next?

Becky brings her own experience to the table…how she recognizes the chains that bind her, chooses to break free from those chains, and to move beyond them.  She continues to discover the joy of living as her … not as a contrived, created, fabricated version that someone else has defined.   Her gentle kindness combined with her intense presence and potency (when required) is a pure invitation and support for her clients to chose their authentic selves.  She uses her talents to ‘fan the flame’ for her clients as they step into creating and choosing more of the life that inspires them.

unveils what's possible